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Welcome Back

What do Our students Say ?

Hear direct from our students and their parents to learn how they are finding the virtual learning.

Evie and her Mum Janice talking about moving up to the black belt classes just prior to lockdown. They talk also talk about their experience of grading for their next belt online.
Evie and Janice
Junior Student and Mum
Jake and and his Dad Peter talking about the benefits of being about to learn Kung Fu online. Jake has particularly enjoyed being able to get involved in new classes made available in the online portal which he has found beneficial.
Jake and Peter
Junior Student and Dad
Michael and his Mum Amy talking about the continuity of Michael's training and being able to see his friends virtually. Also, the benefit of Amy's two boys being able to work together.
Michael and Amy
Little Dragon Student and Mum
Philip talking about how he has enjoyed the classes after lockdown and how he was still able to achieve his black belt degrees.
Junior Student
Evie and her Dad Ben talking about the new zoom classes, the help we can still give to our students and the added benefits of the classes being focused and still being able to receive individual feedback in class.
Evie and Ben
Junior Student and Adult Student

Our new features

We have missed you

We can now see a light at the end of the tunnel.  As lockdown is getting closer to an end we wanted to welcome you back to our school.  We have been very lucky and been able to be part of our students lives by running zoom classes.  To be honest, I was very worried at the beginning and wondered if they would take off, However, I needn’t have worried as with lots of hard work, the classes have continued running  just like our normal classes – only virtually!  Students have been able to enjoy the benefits of our normal classes with a ton of extras!  I’ve loved seeing the students turn up without fail each work and improve their skill level and have fun.  I’d encourage you to try the classes – even if it’s just once – to experience the same lessons that we all love – just via a screen.