Kung Fu Schools Horsham

exclusive battle cards

Power up cards

5 element's


Playing the game

Game one.
Play the game until you have run out of cards.

Game two.
Play the game for a set time. Once the timer has finished the winner is the person with the most cards on their game pile.

shuffle your cards

Mix your cards up.

holding your cards

place your cards in front of you into two piles. One to the right the game cards pile and one to the left your power up cards or on your battle arena on the right game cards pile, on the left your power up cards.

starting player

The youngest player goes first.

first strike

First player chooses an ability and calls our their score. To win they must have a higher number or the same number as their opponent.


The losing players place their cards in the defeated piles section on the game board or to the left for their power up cards.

power up's

If you are lucky enough to have a Power up card you can use these at any time after the player calls out the ability. Each power card can only be used once and is placed next to their game card when playing the game. Once used these also go into the defeated pile even if you won the round.

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